Steve Edwards


Direct Response Copywriting, Graphic Design, Marketing

...specializing in marketing tools, equipment, machinery & hard-goods direct-to-consumer.

Your outsourced online & offline marketing department creates hard working online and offline marketing programs and the potent websites, e-mail programs, and print advertising materials that support them.

You SAVE money & MAKE money

Drawing on 30+ years experience on both the agency and client sides, we frequently boost our clients' sales 25% and more. You get "big agency" expertise at freelance prices.

Super-communicative copywriting & graphic design

"Content is King." Your sales die if your customers don't understand, don't see the benefit of, or don't get excited about what you offer.'s super-communicative, response-generating copy and art SELLS.

Marketing high-ticket equipment direct-to-consumer

We specialize in marketing equipment factory-direct to consumers. We've worked for some of the leading manufacturing/marketing companies in America: Troy-Bilt® Tillers, DR® Power Equipment, Mantis® Tillers, Endless Pools®, TimberKing® Sawmills, SeaEagle® Boats, Magnatrac® Compact Bulldozers, and many, many more.

DR Power Equipment Our Clients Say...

Client: DR Power Equipment

"Vulcan Mind Control"

"Steve has the great ability to get into the mind of the customer..." Read More...

Woodmaster Tools

Client: Woodmaster Tools

"Our Secret Weapon"

"Steve, you might not know it, but we call you our 'secret weapon' because..." Read More...

Snorkel Stove Company

Client: Snorkel Stove Company

"Unique Talent for Promotion"

"Steve Edwards has done an outstanding job of upgrading both our advertising and..." Read More...

Smithy Co.

Client: Smithy Co.

"Steve's made us money"

"Steve has helped us out of a number of tight spots..." Read More...


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